Terms & Conditions


The ‘Client’, ‘You’ means the party, or any person acting on their behalf with whom OCIP contracts. OCIP is abbreviation of OCIP Group.


Our hours of business are 9am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays. All business will be conducted within these hours. Alternative working hours can be arranged on a mutually agreed basis, may be subject to additional charges.


  1. Before any work will be started we will require a 25% deposit to be paid. Only when funds have cleared will we work begin.
  2. Once final work has been signed off we will require payment to be paid in full.
  3. For large volumes of work we may stagger payments into four stages.


  1. In the unlikely event that we cannot commit to commissioned work for any reason, we will return 100% of your deposit.
  2. If at any point throughout the project process you wish to cancel, you may be invoiced for the work completed to the point stopped, and any outstanding charges applied.


  1. OCIP will discuss the project requirements. A proposal will be provided with images (if required), summary/brief & costings.
  2. Once work has been agreed a payment of 25% will be required
    The process of work will begin and once complete, a preview will be made available for the client to approve.
  3. Once final changes at request of client has been implemented, a final document or visual will be provided. We will require customer verification in writing. Once verification (sign off) of work has been received, we will require final payment.


  1. All work created digitally or printed will remain the property of OCIP both physically and intellectually until payment has been made in full.
  2. Once any work has been signed off and/or final proofs have been agreed either written or verbally, OCIP can no longer be held responsible.
  3. You may not duplicate, distribute, edit or re-use any work provided by OCIP for anything other than its original intended use, unless agreed first, by OCIP in writing.
  4. All materials supplied or requested by the client for use in commissioned work including, but not limited to: images, photos, video, fonts, data, diagrams, logos, audio, products, printed medium, development code will have full ownership of copyright licences and/or permissions to use. OCIP cannot be held responsible for any infringements caused by supplied materials.


Our prices and rates listed throughout the site are approximates and should be used as a guide only. We reserve the right to change prices at anytime.


OCIP reserve the right to use all creative concepts and final approved design for the purposes of marketing OCIP both offline & online, unless otherwise requested/agreed with the client.


OCIP hold promotional offers throughout the year. OCIP reserve the right to cancel the discount at anytime. To Claim your discount, please enter this code on the contact us form on the website. Once a quote has been provided a discount code will be applied. You can only have one discount code per project. We may require proof of voucher before a discount can be applied.

  1. Post. You will find a 10 character code on the back of the card.
  2. Other. A 10 character code will be supplied on the promotional banner.
  3. Currently Active: By Post, 30% Off promotional code – Valid till 01.09.19.
  4. Currently Not Active: Other.


OCIP is currently offering 10% cash reward up to £150.00 for every successful job referral. The amount payable to referrer is based off the total amount of the job referred. Only one cash reward can be claimed per job and will only be rewarded on day of job completion. OCIP reserve the right to cancel this offer at anytime.

  1. Payment will only be made on date of successful job completion.
  2. Referrer must be a UK resident, proof of address, contact and bank details will be required.
  3. Whilst offer is active there are no set limits on number of referrals.